High Reflectance

ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film has high reflectance in the wavelength range important for sunlight. In the graph below, hemispherical reflectance of the film is plotted on the left axis while the irradiance of sunlight is plotted on the right axis, both as functions of wavelength. The solar weighted average of hemispherical reflectance is 93%.

Spectral Hemispherical Reflectance


Accelerated Ultraviolet Test

In November, 2011, ReflecTech®PLUS surpassed the 30 year mark in an ongoing demonstration of durability against ultraviolet (UV) radiation using the Ultra-Accelerated Weathering Station (UAWS) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

UAWS is the most accelerated method to determine the long-term durability of a material to outdoor exposure. Natural sunlight is concentrated 50 X while sample exposure temperatures are maintained at 30°C and 60°C to accelerate degradation mechanisms.

After receiving the equivalent cumulative UV dose of over 30 years outdoor exposure, no degradation and no loss in reflectance were measured in three replicate samples.

Resistance to Moisture Induced Lamination

ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film demonstrated complete resistance to delamination during an extended water immersion test, conducted at NREL. In this graph, ReflecTech® is compared to ECP 305+, a mirror film that was removed from the market by its manufacturer due to its propensity to delaminate when exposed to moisture.