Published Technical Papers

Service Life Prediction for ReflecTech®PLUS Mirror Film
Michael DiGrazia, Gary Jorgensen, Randy Gee, Carl Bingham
World Renewable Energy Forum, 2012
ReflecTech® Polymer Mirror Film Advancements in Technology and Durability Testing
Mike DiGrazia, Gary Jorgensen, Randy Gee, Carl Bingham, and Christa Loux
ASME 2011 5th International Conference on Energy Sustainability
Development and Testing of Abrasion Resistant Hard Coats for Polymer Film Reflectors
Gary Jorgensen, Randy Gee and Michael DiGrazia
SolarPACES 2010
An Improved Method for Characterizing Reflector Specularity for Parabolic Trough Concentrators
Randy Gee, Randy Brost, Guangdong Zhu, and Gary Jorgensen
SolarPACES 2010
ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film: Design Flexibility and Durability in Reflecting Solar Applications
Michael DiGrazia and Gary Jorgensen
SOLAR 2010, American Solar Energy Society
ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film Attributes and Durability for CSP Applications
Michael DiGrazia, Randy Gee, and Gary Jorgensen
Energy Sustainability 2009, American Society of Mechanical Engineers