The SkyTrough®

Proven Track Record, Innovative Design

SkyFuel designed the award-winning SkyTrough® parabolic solar concentrator around their reflector choice —
ReflecTech®PLUS Mirror Film.

The SkyTrough® is a high-performance parabolic trough concentrating solar power collector for use in utility-scale solar thermal power plants or industrial process heat applications. Its breakthrough design is patterned after the best of the previous utility-scale parabolic trough designs with important innovations that improve performance and significantly reduce cost.

Each SkyTrough® solar collector assembly is 115 meters long with an aperture that is 6 meters in width. The collectors are modular and allow solar fields of different sizes to fit a wide variety of applications.

The highly reflective surface of the SkyTrough® is a glass-free, silver-metalized polymer film called ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film. This proprietary mirror-film is weather resistant, easy to maintain, lightweight and commercially proven.

ReflecTech® is laminated to aluminum sheets to create a revolutionary rib-and-panel parabolic mirror which are integrated into an aluminum space frame to form the parabolic mirror surface of each module.

The space frame is made of extruded aluminum struts and other components that are precisely fabricated and it is self-aligning when joined together with fasteners, requiring no welding.

The entire assembly is mounted on pylons and attached to a self-locking rotary hydraulic drive enabling the SkyTrough® to pivot and track the Sun.


Winner of the prestigious 2009 R&D 100 Award